The Frauenraum team consists of women only.

Social workers and social pedagogues, advocates, a psychologist and an administrator are all part of the Frauenraum team. Due to the different working and biographical backgrounds of the employees, Frauenraum provides a great pool of experience.
All employees have many years of experience in the field of counseling women, especially in the domain of anti-violence. Furthermore, all employees possess intercultural competencies. 
Usually, there is a clash of a lot of different problems in violent relationships. That's why we continuously broaden our competencies and are always open for new aspects of our work.
Our goal is to recognize the different and often complex processes and difficulties and to deal with them by getting all suitable authorities on board, which are chosen based on our wide-ranging knowledge of e.g. legal and financial possibilities, migration, problems concerning the right of residence, addiction and co-dependence, same sex living, parenting and family support.
To view Frauenraum as one part of a network of counseling centers in Berlin is important to us and we have numerous good contacts to other facilities.